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The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, written by David Meerman Scott, is based on a series of blog posts written by the author, that were compiled and published in 2007. It became an instant classic, was translated into more than 20 languages, and in January 2010 a second edition was released with about 30% new material to cover the massive growth of social media. (For example, Twitter did not even exist when the first edition was published.)

The book covers a lot of ground, but everything is predicated on the fact that a game-changing socio-technological shift has taken place during the past decade that has not only created “new rules”, but, like never before, has made the old rules obsolete. This shift was from “disruptive advertising” to “search”.

From the beginning of human history until the end of this past century, when a company wanted to sell or promote something, for the most part their only option was some form of “disruptive advertising”. What this means is that while you were reading a newspaper or magazine, listening to the radio, watching TV, driving in your car or riding a bus, or just walking down the street minding your own business, they needed to entice you with an attention-grabbing advertisement in order to disrupt whatever you were doing so you will focus on them.

Through the ages, technology changed the forms this disruptive advertising took, but its obtrusive nature — often enhanced by the visage of scantily-dressed young woman — remained a constant factor.

That is, until “search”…

Now, thanks to internet search engines, when our purpose is to buy, or at least to research something we plan to buy, we actually go looking for companies to meet our needs. Of course, we searched (i.e. researched) for things in the past, but because we didn’t have internet search, we actually relied heavily on remembering all the disruptive ads we had seen previously to guide us. (Which is why advertising needed to be so repetitive.) Now we can, to the best of our ability, completely ignore ads that seek to disrupt us, because we know that, when we are ready, we can search out the exact product or service to meet our needs.

This radical change in consumer behavior has rendered “old school” marketing ineffective, and necessitated the formation and implementation of completely new rules for effective professional marketing and public relations.

In this new internet economy, those who hold to the old rules will fail, while those who understand and embrace the new rules will thrive! This is not hype, it is the new reality of world where human social interaction, marketing, and technology have merged.

I recently finished reading “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” all the way though for the second time, and I refer back specific sections of it all the time. In fact, it’s such a “must read”, I even bought a second copy to lend out. Hey…wait a minute! WHO has my lending copy?! If you are reading this and you’re the culprit, please get it out of your bathroom magazine rack and give it back to me now!! 😉

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