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Alex Jeffreys was my first professional internet marketing teacher. Before I took his course, while still an internet marketing newbie, I read a couple of his ebooks, including “Guru’s Dream”. This “oil rig” scenario really impressed me, and still does. It’s a wonderful analogy to keep the whole internet marketing ecosystem in perspective. I reprint it here in commemoration of day his course began, just one year ago. Wow, how much I’ve learned about Internet Marketing since then!!

Excerpt from ebook:

“Guru’s Dream: The Dream They Sold Me”

by Alex Jeffreys

What You Should Do In The New Era…

In this ‘new’ era of the internet, you should be focused on building a solid fan base of people who will share their stories about their experience with you. Your goal should be a customer base that will respect you for your great customer service and your willingness to go above and beyond what’s expected of you.

Build a list of followers as you learn new things and share this with them. Guide them through a proven path that you’ve already been down, even if you had to fail down that path to succeed.

That’s what makes you the leader and them your follower.

Does this sound hard to do? It IS hard! If it were easy, everybody would do it! But it doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to take forever. If you use the proper tools and follow proven paths that successful people (people you follow) have already been down, then use support teams to help you build your sites, you can put your very own success on a fast track.

Try doing it alone and you’ll find it can be a hard, long, and a lonely journey…



Money Making Oil Rig Scenario

If you want to join the 1% of us who are making a comfortable living online, then you need to read this next section very carefully. Read it twice if you need to. Read it as many times as it takes to fully absorb what I’m telling you here. It could literally change your life.

And I know you may be wondering why I have a picture of an oil rig platform in this report, and what the heck has this to do with internet marketing?

Well, stay with me here, because I’m about to show you how internet marketing really works and how to make a lot of money with this simple technique I’m about to share with you.

So let me start by saying: I see the Internet like the Ocean.

They’re both big wide-open spaces, and if you were to go tuna fishing in the ocean, where would you start? I mean, come on, it’s another world out there, right?

Would you go out in the deep dark blue or would you stay close to the shallow?

It’s a serious question, but would you believe me when I tell you the best tuna fishing in the world is near man-made oil rigs?

“What? Hang on a minute….you’re telling me in wide-open ocean, the best fishing spots are near a man made structure?”

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m telling you, and here’s why it’s totally the same as the internet world of making money

If you go beneath the oil rig…

You’ll find huge numbers of fish! In fact, the oil rig’s just like a man-made reef, swarming with marine life, all the way up to sharks. (Yep, just like the internet!)

Anyway, on the huge legs of the rig, algae start to grow organically, and soon enough clams come to feed on the algae. Then before long, little fish come to eat on the clams and then it happens that little fish attract bigger fish, and the big fish attract bigger fish, and then they attract sharks, and it’s pretty busy down there to say the least.

“Okay…So what’s your point, Alex?”

My point is: If you want to attract huge numbers of fish, you need to build an oil rig.

Now imagine this for a second…your Website/Blog is an oil rig.

When you build your Blog platform with a good foundation (your oil rig), and add content to the Blog (your algae), this will attract people (clams) to start commenting on your content.

Now, because of your third party comments (from your clams), you’ll soon have customers (fish) swimming around your Blog (oil rig) wondering why it’s so active and what is the benefit for them to be there.

And if you have a free eBook (your fishing hook), then you have a good chance at catching some fish.

So, I’m saying you need the algae first, before you’ll ever see small fish.

Have you heard the saying before, “There’s Bigger Fish To Fry”?

So, once you have small fish and you learn how to catch them, it’s really only a matter of time before you have enough knowledge to catch the bigger fish as they arrive.

So like I’ve said from day-one: Start small and think big!!

Alex Jeffreys is a web marketer, coach, and aspiring internet guru from Wales, England, who names the industry’s elite as his personal friends and mentors. In 2009, at the age of 28, he earned more than $600k online, and is on-track to make 2010 his first $1 million year.

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