Seeing the Big Picture (Pt 4 of 4): Constructing an Effective Script


Part 4 of a 4 part report:

“Seeing the Big Picture: Producing Affiliate Marketing Videos That Sell”

(click here for Part 1)

Constructing an Effective Script

The following is a tried and true structure used by salespeople to pitch prospects throughout the ages, and it has now been adapted to the world of affiliate marketing videos. (You may have seen a similar list presented by others.) Check out that latest guru video and you will probably find it follows this pattern exactly, or is pretty darn close:

1) Welcome Your Viewers: Smile and make the atmosphere friendly.

2) Prove Credibility: Quickly establish yourself as an expert and leader by briefly talking about your relevant professional background, your greatest successes, and what you are currently working on.

3) Hook’em!: Say something radical to wake them up, pull them in, and create curiosity to keep them watching. Perry Belcher’s “If you’re just starting out in the internet marketing business today, I have some news for you: You’re screwed!” at the start of his Social Media Party Principle video is a fantastic take-away style hook. (Note: Some would argue that the hook should actually come first, within the original six second window, especially if you are a newbie with no reputation to buy you some time. If you wish to go that way, then consider beginning with a short “tease” statement, sort of the bait on the hook, before even introducing yourself, and then really hook them after establishing your credibility.)

4) Talk About Your Background: Be personal, likeable, and relatable, as people do business with whom? Yes, with people they know, like, and trust!

5) Present “White Paper” Stories: Give one or two quick case study examples of problems your clients had, and how you solved them. Of course, tell them as narrative stories as much as possible, so you entertain as your sell.

6) Make a Call to Action: Finish the video by clearly telling your viewers what you want them to do NOW and what they will receive in return. (e.g. “Sign up with your name and email in the box on the right, and you’ll immediately receive my free ebook….”)

Your Unique Pitch

In the world of affiliate marketing, where thousands of people are selling the same products, there is only one absolutely unique item you have to offer….and that is YOURSELF. Capture yourself in a simple video, tell people what you have to offer, build trust, and make sales.

This is what I call “Seeing the Big Picture”!!


Hobie Goldman
That Video Marketing Guy
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