Seeing the Big Picture (Pt 3 of 4): Getting Started


Part 3 of a 4 part report:

“Seeing the Big Picture: Producing Affiliate Marketing Videos That Sell”

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Discussing video production techniques in detail is outside the scope of this article, but some quick tips to help get you started making your own internet marketing videos are:

1) Script: Organize your thoughts into a script, or at least bullet points, before turning on the camera. If you do not, then you will tend to ramble, miss your messaging, and lose your audience.

2) Audio: Make sure you audio is solid. Clear, clean audio is more important than well-shot video, since people do not stick around long if your audio is lousy. Preferably use an external wired or wireless microphone that plugs into the computer or camera, and make sure your shooting environment is as quiet and non-echoey a possible.

3) Lighting: Position your lighting so people can see your face clearly. Do not have it too dark or too bright, and definitely do not silhouette yourself by having a strong backlight, such as standing with a window behind you during the day.

4) Stability: Keep the camera steady. Use a webcam mounted on your computer or a tripod for your camera. If you must go handheld, then try to keep the camera as stable as possible. It is really hard for people to concentrate on your words and get to know you when it looks like you are experiencing an earthquake during your presentation.

5) Personality: Confidently be yourself. Speak up, be positive, and let your personality shine through. If you do not have much of a personality, then invent an on-screen persona. If you are genuinely horrible on camera and cannot fix it, then consider having someone else be your video spokesperson.

6) Stories: People hate to be sold to, or lectured, but we love being told stories. Communicate your message in the format of stories, and people will be enthralled.

7) Length: Keep it as short as possible. It is hard to say how short, as there are no hard and fast rules. Generally, shorter is better — but the length really depends on content, context, and your ability to keep people tuned in. Of course, the shorter it is, the better chance there is that people will share it with friends and it will go viral. So, script what you want to say, cut out the fat, and then give it your best shot!

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