Seeing the Big Picture (Pt 2 of 4): Lazy & Fast


Part 2 of a 4 part report:

“Seeing the Big Picture: Producing Affiliate Marketing Videos That Sell”

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Desk Chair Potatoes

Another reason video is so effective is that people tend to be lazy, and so will choose to passively watch a video instead of, or before, actively reading text. “We all know that many people don’t like to read,” says Scott Fox (ScottFox.com), author of e-Riches 2.0: Next-Generation Online Marketing Strategies. He suggests that, “You can do a video on the same topic as your written blog and get new attention from the same audience, as well as reach new audiences of people who won’t read your blog, but are happy to watch a video.”

Gone in Six Seconds

A 2006 report in the journal Behavior and Information Technology documents that visitors will determine whether or not they like your website in 1/20th of a second, and in less than 10 seconds will decide to stay or leave. Of course, attention spans grow shorter all the time, especially as people become accustomed to the speed of broadband, and so the current window of opportunity to capture attention on your blog, site, or squeeze page may now be as little as six seconds! If a video begins playing the moment people land on your link, the odds of them making the decision to stay are significantly increased. A further advantage is that videos play in real-time, and so cannot be effectively scanned like text; this makes it difficult for people to skip ahead and increases the likelihood that they will be exposed to your whole spiel. Internet marketers report sales-rate increases of 500% or more, and opt-in rates of greater than 50%, when adding video to the mix.

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